Housing Stats

Housing Stats. It’s always fun to look at housing stats but more importantly the data we receive is information that should be analyzed on a regular basis to follow the housing trend. Most of the data I have received is from July 2012 toJuly 2013. Some of the important or interesting statistics that came are;
1. Sales Price: Up 27.1% year over year median
2. Foreclosures Pending: Down – 56.6%. WOW! That’s Great!
3. MSI (Monthly Supply of Inventory): Still hovering at a low 2.5 months +-.
So are we in a bubble? Yes the increase in the average median sale price shows staggering numbers but let’s not forget just how low we got from some of the all time lows a few years back. Also with foreclosures and distressed properties on the decline, I believe our market is showing to be more normal. Looking through and analyzing all the statistics coming in, it appears that our market is proving to be more stable with a good outlook to come.

These stats are provided by ARMLS and or Cromford Reports



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